Interview with Kitness: From Zero to a Million

News-24 correspondent Alexey Ivanchenko interviewed the artist, musician «KITNESS».

Alexey Ivanchenko: Please tell us about your musical path. How did you start doing electronic music?

KITNESS: My musical journey began in my youth, when I became interested in electronic music. At that time, I started experimenting with creating my own music compositions on a computer, and this experience inspired me to go a long way in the world of electronic music.

Alexey Ivanchenko: What musical genres and artists inspire you in your work?

KITNESS: I am inspired by various genres, but I especially appreciate Trance, Progressive House and House. Among the artists who have had the greatest influence on me are Benny Benassi, Cosmic Gate, Steve Angello, and Alesso.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Your music often contains unique sound textures and atmospheric elements. How do you create such sounds?

KITNESS: Creating unique sound textures and atmospheric elements is a process that requires experimentation and creativity. I use various synthesizers and effects to create interesting sounds, and often turn to ambient sound recordings for inspiration.

Alexey Ivanchenko: What software tools and equipment do you prefer to use when creating your music?

KITNESS: In my studio, I use software tools such as FL Studio 20, Ableton Live and Logic Pro, as well as a variety of hardware equipment, including synthesizers, MIDI controllers and sound processors.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Your tracks have a noticeable influence of electronic culture. How do you see the future of this genre?

KITNESS: I believe that electronic music will always develop and remain in demand. With the advent of new technologies and ideas, we see the emergence of new subgenres and sounds, which makes this genre fascinating and diverse.

Alexey Ivanchenko: How do you select samples and sounds for your compositions? Are there any special sources that inspire you?

KITNESS: When choosing samples and sounds for my compositions, I pay attention to their uniqueness and ability to complement my music. I often create my own samples to give my tracks originality.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Many electronic producers prefer to collaborate with other artists. Are there any artists you dream of working with?

KITNESS: Among the artists I would like to work with are Swedish House Mafia and Julian Jordan, Alesso. Their creative approach and experiments in music have always inspired me.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Your music often creates deep emotional impressions among listeners. How do you strive to convey your feelings and ideas through music?

KITNESS: For me, music is a way to express my emotions and ideas. I strive to create music that allows listeners to immerse themselves in different emotional states and experiences.

Alexey Ivanchenko: What role does music play in your life outside the studio? How does it affect you as a person?

KITNESS: Music plays a huge role in my life outside the studio. She is a source of inspiration and a way to express my feelings. Music unites people and creates unique moments in life.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Your recent releases have been very successful. Can you tell us about your future projects and plans?

KITNESS: In the near future I have plans to release a new album, which will be full of surprises and new experiments. I also plan to start a tour in support of the album and share my music with audiences around the world.

Alexey Ivanchenko: What advice would you give to aspiring electronic producers who would like to follow your steps?

KITNESS: For beginner electronic producers, my advice is don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own unique sound. Listen to different music, learn the technical aspects of producing and don’t forget to follow your passion.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Your style of music develops over time. What do you think is the key element of your creativity that makes you unique?

KITNESS: A key element of my creativity is the search for new sounds and ideas. I am constantly developing my style and trying to remain unique in this competitive world.

Alexey Ivanchenko: What factors and events in your life have the greatest impact on your creativity?

KITNESS: My creativity often reflects my personal experiences and experiences. Events in my life, traveling and meeting interesting people always affect my music.

Alexey Ivanchenko: Music is often associated with visual images and videos. How do you see the visual representation of your music in the future?

KITNESS: The visual representation of my music is very important to me. I collaborate with visual artists and filmmakers to create unique videos and visual effects that complement my music.

Alexey Ivanchenko: At what stage of music creation do you feel the greatest satisfaction? In creating melodies, arranging or in the process of performing in front of an audience?

KITNESS: I feel the greatest satisfaction when the composition is fully assembled and ready to be heard. Also, performing in front of an audience gives me an incredible boost of energy and connection with my fans.

Alexey Ivanchenko: How was the Kitchen project born and why did you choose such a pseudonym?

KITNESS: Choosing the alias «Kitchenness» has a special meaning for me. This pseudonym combines two important aspects of my music and creativity.

The first aspect is my passion for creating music that brings comfort and peace to listeners, like a warm and cozy blanket (in English «kitten» means kitten). I strive to create sounds that bring pleasure and allow you to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle.

The second aspect is my striving for perfection in musical creativity. I see my music as an art that requires constant development and improvement (in English, «fitness» means fitness and health). Like physical training, creating music requires effort, self-discipline and striving for perfection.

So, the alias «Kitchen» symbolizes the combination of comfort and emotions that my music brings, as well as the constant desire to develop and improve my creativity. This name reflects my musical philosophy and values that I try to convey in each of my compositions.

Thank you, Kitchenness, for interesting and in-depth answers. Your path in the world of music and your vision of the future of electronic music will surely inspire many aspiring artists and fans of your creativity. We wish you success in your future projects and further development of your unique music.


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